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Schedule a free consultation. As a virtual firm, we only accept appointments via Zoom or phone. We’ll get to know each other, discuss your goals, and any specific concerns that you may have.


Create your Onvio portal from the email invitation that you receive. After you’ve created your account, upload the information requested under “Documents” for a price quote. We usually respond within 24 hours.


Review your price quote via email.


E-sign your engagement letter(s), fill out your setup form(s), and wait for next steps from us.

Next Steps for Tax Preparation:


Complete your client organizer(s) via the link(s) provided and upload all necessary tax information to your Onvio portal. Your return will not be logged in for preparation until substantially all information has been received, including your completed client organizer(s). Please be mindful of the information deadlines provided.


Keep an eye out for any additional questions that we may have and answer promptly. If we don’t have any, the next communication from us will be that your returns are in your portal for review.


Review your returns, e-sign eligible forms, and follow the instructions in your portal for what to print and mail. Please note that our invoice must be paid before your return(s) will be electronically filed.

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